Monday, March 12, 2012

Miss Ryder's Week with Us

Emma and Madison partner reading Suki's Kimono. 

Ckaiden and Tonya reading EEKK! 
Great job you two.

Jacob and Zachary working as a team to put their Ten Important Sentences in the right order.  Yes, they both got them right.

We like working with partners!  

Aidan, what are you looking at?  Get to work!

Our class was working on adjectives around our campfire.   We came up with some words to describe the rabbit.  He was furry, soft, and brown.

It was Becca's turn to teach our class!  She is fixing up a sentence during DLR.

Madison, Zachary, and Jason are presenting their cereal boxes.  We learned a lot about the sugars that are in our foods.  Yikes!

Chloe did a nice job remembering capitals and punctuation!  She made it look easy!

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